Do Seasickness Cures exist?

Fortunately, there a number of effective ways to combat seasickness. In the old days some people simply jumped into the water.

Once in the water the sea itself becomes the reference point the brain requires. Unfortunately on modern-day cruise ships going overboard isn’t a very good option – in fact, the cruise companies would prefer you not even think about it.

The modern approach for a seasickness cure can be found in a variety of medicines, most of which are sold over the counter. Dramamine, for instance, is considered to be one of the best remedies for seasickness. It is a particularly good choice because it is safe for both adults and children. Although many people still believe that taking Dramamine will make you drowsy, the newest version of the pills have completely eliminated that unwanted side-effect.

Another seasickness tablet is Promethazine. Although Dramamine can be bought without a prescription, Promethazine can’t. It can be only recommended by a doctor. Before you consider asking your doctor for this medication, however, be aware that it does have strong side effects like drowsiness, blurred vision and fatigue. For all but the most severe and unrelenting cases of sea sickness, Promethazine is overkill.

Other more traditional recommendations include keeping your eyes on the horizon. That way your internal equilibrium can have a reference point to orient itself. Try lying down in the open with your eyes closed. Look for areas where fresh air blows and try to stay near the center of the ship.

Finally, natural medicine also offers a seasick remedy. Ginger is known for alleviating the effects of seasickness. If you eat ginger root or ginger candy a day before leaving on your trip and have a supply with you, it may prevent the feeling of nausea. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work with all people and moreover, some people do not like the spicy herb or cannot tolerate it.

The same unpredictable results can be found with acupressure. Many travel stores sell elastic wristbands designed to stimulate the median nerve thus eliminating the effects of seasickness. While the bands work great for some people others receive no relief from them whatsoever.

Try not to worry too much before embarking on your dream voyage. Cruise ship companies know that not all of their passengers are old sea dogs who are accustomed to the hazards of the sea. Every cruise ship has a medical staff that knows how to eliminate or at least to reduce the effects of sea sickness. Although the variety on seasick cures can vary from specialist to specialist, their objective is the same: to make you feel better. It may be something as simple as seasick pills, taking a swim in the sea or applying a seasick patch. Rest assured, something will work for you.