Dressing up for Royal Caribbean

Ask the cruise line company about the recommended clothes or Royal Caribbean cruise clothes a passenger needs. Remember that each cruise is different in both size of the ship and its destination.

You won’t be strolling around on deck in a bathing suit on a cruise to Alaska!

Take into account that the trip may also involve stopping at different locations for a day or two. Plan ahead and find out what can you do in those places. You may find that you will need specific clothes for treks through nature preserves or for mountain hiking.

Consider that many public areas on a cruise ship are climate controlled. If you’ll be spending an hour or two in the Internet room or in the library it’s not a bad idea to have a lightweight sweater along.

Above all else, avoid over packing. Although it may offer a sense of security, at the end you will find yourself carrying a lot of useless luggage. Make an estimate of the exact number of clothes that you are going to require each day – and then go over the list again. You can probably cut something out.

Finally, remember that every cruise ship has multiple shopping venues. If you get onboard and find out you don’t have all the pieces you need, chances are very good that you will be able to purchase them. While this may not be the most economical answer, many people would prefer spending the money over being embarrassed at the captain’s table.

An ocean cruise can be an incredible experience and even events that alter between the casual and the formal can add to the excitement of the trip. Anything that breaks you out of the normal routine of life is part of the adventure of a vacation. Embrace the whole package. The sensation of change is, for many people, the greatest appeal of cruise vacations. After all dressing up and putting on elegant evening cruise wear can be a nice change after twelve hours of walking around in a bathing suit. You’ll feel like part of the jet set! Think about your cruise attire with as much care as you put into picking th