Top 10 reasons why you should consider a cruise for your next holiday

1. Cruises provide the best value for your vacation dollar. Cruise
rates today are at an all-time low meaning they have the cheapest daily
per diem rate of any vacation.

2. You only unpack once. Nothing is fun about packing, unpacking and
lugging heavy suitcases around. On a cruise you only have to unpack
one time, stow the suitcases, and forget about them until it’s time to go

3. Cruises provide fun for family members of all ages. Almost all
cruise lines today offer fantastic free children’s programs. While you’re
taking in a first-run movie, your child can play games or make crafts with
children in their own age group.

4. You can sample several cities or countries in one week. Cruises
usually cover large geographical areas and stop at the most interesting
places along the way. According to the CLIA (Cruise Line Industry
Association), 80% of cruisers consider cruises to be a good way to
sample vacation spots that they may want to return to later.

5. Cruises provide easy expense control. Except for some
beverages, gaming, spa treatments and shopping, you’ll know upfront
how much your cruise vacation will cost. That’s because nearly
everything is included in one price-meals, entertainment, and use of
on-board facilities.

6. A cruise is a hassle-free vacation. Think about it-a vacation without
driving, searching for hotels, or arguing over where to eat every night.
On a cruise your vacation time is maximized.

7. Cruises take the worry out of foreign travel. Cruises are the
easiest way to visit foreign countries. Customs officials clear the ship
before you disembark so all you have to do is step off and enjoy your
time in port.

8. On a cruise you’re truly away from it all. It’s amazing how relaxing a
vacation can be without ringing telephones, blaring car horns or beepers.
There’s something special about being surrounded by nothing but
sunshine and water.

9. Cruises mean non-stop pampering. Crave brownies at midnight?
No problem. Room-service will deliver a batch at no charge. Can’t decide
between two entrees at dinner? Order them both. Your waiter will bring
as many as you want!

10. And the best part-you can do everything or nothing on a
cruise. It’s totally up to you.  
It’s your choice to decide which activities
you want to enjoy-and those that you don’t. Cruise ships offer a variety of
many activities and shore excursions, but if you want to do nothing, that’s
fine too.

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